Month: August 2017

How is a CBR Test Performed?

How is a CBR Test Performed? The California Bearing Ratio (CBR) is a model that was devised by the California Division of Highways engineers in 1938. It is a test for evaluating the mechanical strength of the base courses and subgrades. The performance of the test is done by getting the measure of the required

Chemical Analysis

Chemical Analysis So what is chemical analysis? It is the process of determining the physical and sometimes chemical properties or compositions of samples of matter. It relies on the use of measurements that can be divided into two alternate categories, classic analysis and instrumental analysis. The majority of chemical analyses find themselves in the instrumental

A complete guide to Plate Load Testing

A Plate Load Testing Guide A plate loading test is used to establish the full bearing capacity of the ground, and the possible settlement when subjected to a load. The findings of this test are applied in the designing temporary working stations for piling pads or rigs for crane outriggers. Also, a fairly accurate CBR