BS 1377 1990 : Soils for civil engineering purposes

The CBR test is covered by part 9 of the British Standard BS1377 which covers Soils for civil engineering purposes.

BS 1377 This British Standard consists of nine Parts.

Part 1 covers general information, Parts 2 to 8 relate to
laboratory tests on soils, and Part 9 covers in-situ tests.
The distinction between laboratory and in-situ tests is that
the former are carried out on soil samples removed from
the ground whether the testing takes place in a central
laboratory, in a site laboratory, or in the field, whereas the
latter are performed on the soil in-situ.

BS 1377 Part 1 contains
general information relevant to all the other Parts. Parts 2
to 8 describe methods of test on soils for civil engineering
purposes for which samples need to be taken for testing
in a laboratory.


BS 1377 Part 2 Classification tests

Moisture Content
Particle Size Distribution
Atterburg Limits
Linear Shrinkage

BS 1377 Part 3 Chemical and electrochemical tests

Sulphate Content (aqueous)
Sulphate Content (Total)
Organic matter content
pH Value
Chloride Content

BRE Suite

BS 1377 Part 4 Compaction-related tests

Dry density/ Moisture Relationship
MCV One Point/Calibration
Vane Shear
Bulk Density- Compacted
Bulk Density- uncompacted
California Bearing Ratio Test

BS 1377 Part 5 Compressibility, permeability and durability tests

Determination of the one Dimensional Consolidation
Permeabilty test by Constant Head
Permeabilty by the Ken Head Method
Pinhole Method
Crumb Method
Dispersion Method

BS 1377 Part 6 Consolidation and permeability tests in hydraulic cells and with pore pressure measurement

BS 1377 Part 7 Shear strength tests (total stress)

Determination of the Shear Strength by Direct Shear Small Shear Box 60mm 100mm
BS 1377 Part 7

Determination of the Shear Strength by Direct Shear Large Shear Box 100mm 100mm
BS 1377 Part 7

Determination of the Undrained Shear Strength in Triaxial Compression 38mm 100mm, Single Stage Multistage.

BS 1377 Part 8 Shear strength tests (effective stress)

BS 1377 Part 9 In-situ tests

This British standard is very comprehensive and part 9 covers Structual load testing in-situ and Plate bearing test.